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Mesmerizing Machines in Action

These machines have an air of simplicity to them, but they are only parts of greater machines and processes. Nonetheless, the small tasks that they perform as part of a bigger picture make for a great collection of mesmerizing animations. Industrial pencil sharpener By

Benefits of an Enhanced South African Mining-Manufacturing Interface

An enhanced level of cooperation between the mining and manufacturing industries in South Africa could significantly boost the economy and employment levels, as indicated in research by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). Jorge Maia, head of

10 Awesome Automation Machines

Machines that automate processes have revolutionised the way we produce and consume the things we want and need. Without them, our intense demand for goods and services could never be matched. This post pays tribute to some of the most impressively efficient, slick and

Most Fake Megalodon Shark Yet Washes Ashore in SA

Following the fake Megalodon drama which the Discovery Channel recently (1-2-3) managed to get kick-started we now have apparently had one wash ashore in South Africa. With markedly less concern at truly duping viewers this video with an Australian male voicing over a helicopter