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South Africa’s Medicinal Plants by Province

South Africa is rich in medicinal plants, which have been used by indigenous peoples for centuries. Certain plants are more prevalent in certain areas, so here we take a look at which medicinal plants are found in which provinces. Northern Cape – Hoodia gordonii

Hectic Hormones

Contrary to popular stereotypes, “hormones” – or hormonal imbalances – don’t affect only teenagers. Instead they can occur in people of all ages. Even small amounts of a hormone can result in major changes in the body, and hormonal imbalance can lead to serious

Proposed medical scheme changes: gap cover and hospital plans

The South African National Treasury released a statement in mid-October indicating that gap cover and hospital plans will be allowed to remain in medical aid schemes, despite previous indications to the contrary. However, it has been proposed that risk rating based on age and

Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals Signs Agreement with San and Khoisan

Over the last 14 years, Cape Town-based Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals has been harnessing the power of the Buchu plant, which is indigenous to South Africa’s Western Cape. In a proudly South African move, the company has now signed a benefit-sharing agreement with the San

How does Medical Aid Work?

The payments, or premiums, that members of medical aid schemes pay each month are pooled and it’s from this collective pot that claims for medical expenses are paid out. In this way, the members are insured against the possibility of facing medical expenses too