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South Africa’s Medicinal Plants by Province

South Africa is rich in medicinal plants, which have been used by indigenous peoples for centuries. Certain plants are more prevalent in certain areas, so here we take a look at which medicinal plants are found in which provinces. Northern Cape – Hoodia gordonii

Simple Ways to Improve Workforce Morale

Everyone knows that a happy workforce is a productive one, so we’ve gathered a few easy ways to boost morale – along with your company’s bottom line. Recognize employees as individuals Simple praise for good work goes a long way in making employees feel

Technology-Driven Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Traditional carpet-cleaning techniques are typically chemical-based. Large amounts of chemical foam and water are liberally applied and worked into carpet fibres. These techniques have several disadvantages. Toxic detergents and spot removers sometimes leave residues on fabrics. Fumes are easily inhaled, especially by little ones

The Life of Louis Renault

Louis Renault, founder of the Renault automotive company, has a life story which is both confusing and contested, though his contribution to automotive engineering and the French economy during the first and second World Wars is undeniable. Early life The fourth of six children,

Hectic Hormones

Contrary to popular stereotypes, “hormones” – or hormonal imbalances – don’t affect only teenagers. Instead they can occur in people of all ages. Even small amounts of a hormone can result in major changes in the body, and hormonal imbalance can lead to serious

Practical Ways to Make a Great First Impression

You usually have only one shot at making a favourable impression, whether in the social world or in the unforgiving corporate environment. There are practical and inexpensive ways to boost your visible profile. Read on to discover how you can make a splash without

Innovative Car Seat Technology

In recent decades, the automotive industry has made several technology-driven innovations to factors like engine capacity, fuel efficiency, aerodynamic design and so on. However, it’s not only the engine and body that have received attention. New car seat technologies are also resulting in dramatic

Truth Behind Self-Storage Auctions

Thanks to shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, more people are aware of the US phenomenon known as “storage auctions”. Although these shows are obviously staged, they’re based on real auctions. How do storage auctions work? Also known as “lien sales”, self-storage companies

South African Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

SAAPIL logo If you’re involved in a personal injury case, you’ll want to make sure that the legal firm handling the case is the right one for the job. As well as considering the firm’s track record, it’s a good idea to ensure that

Proposed medical scheme changes: gap cover and hospital plans

The South African National Treasury released a statement in mid-October indicating that gap cover and hospital plans will be allowed to remain in medical aid schemes, despite previous indications to the contrary. However, it has been proposed that risk rating based on age and