Everyone knows that a happy workforce is a productive one, so we’ve gathered a few easy ways to boost morale – along with your company’s bottom line.

Recognize employees as individuals

Simple praise for good work goes a long way in making employees feel recognised, but it can seem impersonal. Get to know exactly what your employees are working on and the difficulties involved in their tasks, and offer insightful thanks for their efforts.

You might also try a monthly competition where each employee submits an idea for a fun, innovative, low-cost activity for the workforce to take part in. The winning idea, whether it’s an office outing to a restaurant or an event on your premises, would get implemented that month, with personal recognition for the employee who suggested it.

Happy employees

Give employees responsibility

Nobody likes to feel like a useless cog in a giant machine. A dose of responsibility can instill a sense of purpose and pride in a worker. One excellent method of doing just this is to task employees with identifying a problem that prevents them from working efficiently and then involving them in the process of solving it.

Ensure top-level management availability

It can be hard to stay motivated when you don’t know who your superiors are or what they busy themselves with on a day-to-day basis. As a manager, it’s important to make the time to engage with employees at all levels, getting to know their work and their personalities, and letting them know what you do. This also gives employees a chance to voice any grievances they have directly to someone with the power to make changes.

Small perks for a big impact

There are many small ways you can make your workforce feel valued and help employees enjoy their time at work. For example, invest in a nifty new coffee machine or a range of customized office chairs to keep everyone happy.

If purchasing new equipment for your company isn’t an option, give staff less expensive but just as tangible benefits, like the option of working from home once per week (where feasible) or a weekly extended lunch break. Another idea is to reward a job well done with an experience, like a dinner for two at a good restaurant. Giving plain cash makes an employee feel compensated, but an actual, thought-out gift goes a lot further in making an employee feel appreciated.

Training day

Giving your employees one day a week where you allow a few hours of personal training time. This will help workers improve their skills in areas that are relevant to your company. It also makes employees feel looked after and appreciated, and can help them build their careers.