These machines have an air of simplicity to them, but they are only parts of greater machines and processes. Nonetheless, the small tasks that they perform as part of a bigger picture make for a great collection of mesmerizing animations.

Industrial pencil sharpener

PENCILSBy feeding the pencils one by one from a rotating cog onto a spinning surface coated with an abrasive, this industrial pencil sharpening machine spews out perfectly sharpened pencils. It has the capacity to sharpen up to 300,000 pencils each month.

Spring coiling machine


This spring coiling machine creates springs used primarily for soft furniture such as couches and mattresses. The springs can be made to any length, to coil in either direction, to have either open or closed-end coils, and to be either cylindrical or, as in this image, tapered.

Chain bending machine

chainThis machine creates high-strength steel chains. These are used for many applications. For example, they’re used in hoisting, in conveyor chains, as tyre chains and to hold up swings at playgrounds. After the chains are formed, the same machine welds and quenches the chains.

Industrial shredder

ShredderThis incredibly powerful industrial shredder can chew through just about any piece of machinery put into it. Whether it’s a vending machine or an entire VW Beetle, any piece of machinery that’s got no life left in it can be easily reduced to a pile of scrap. The largest in the world, situated in Newport Wales, can process 450 cars an hour! As well as eating up unwanted machinery, industrial shredders are used to reduce the size of waste tires, furniture, and plastic, and to shred high volumes of paper documents.

Ice cream sandwich maker

ICE CREAM SANDWHICHChocolate cookies are fed down two slides and then meet, sandwiching a stream of ice-cream. They’re then pushed down onto a pair of cogs, which feeds the perfect little ice-cream treats onto a conveyor belt, ready for packaging.  

Metal Turner

TURNINGThis multi-purpose ornamental metal-turning machine can twist, scroll, emboss and texture metal. As in this image, it can also create beautiful steel basket shapes for use in rails, banisters, fences and more.

Chain link fence machine

chicken wire fenceThis machine quickly and efficiently assembles chain link fences with customizable cell sizes and either twisted or “knuckled” ends. It can process both galvanized and PVC-coated wire, creating fencing up to a height of 4 metres.

Laser cutting machine

laser cutterCNC-guided laser cutting machines can be used to perform a variety of cutting and shaping tasks. They can cut extremely precise shapes into delicate pieces of board or paper, or, as seen here, quickly and efficiently create a tool from a metal workpiece to be used later as a part of a greater machine.

Industrial log splitter

log splitterThis log splitting and cutting machine can cut logs into lengths of up to 28 inches and split them with its hydraulic fractioner into 4, 6 or 8 pieces of firewood. The log splitter is mobile, so the chopped pieces can be deposited onto the ground or directly into a truck, trailer, bin or conveyor. The splitter requires only one operator and drastically reduces production and operation costs associated with wood processing.

Can crusher

can crusherThis home-made can crushing machine is rather rudimentary, but the beauty is in its simplicity. Although it needs to be hand-fed, it’s efficient at compacting cans for recycling.