Monthly Archive:: November 2013

Cyber-Crime a Top Risk in 2013

Lloyds of London, which specializes in risk assessment and insurance, recently published its report on risk for 2013. Cyber-crime has moved up from 12th position in Lloyd’s previous report to the third most significant risk worldwide – and the second most significant risk within

Mesmerizing Machines in Action

These machines have an air of simplicity to them, but they are only parts of greater machines and processes. Nonetheless, the small tasks that they perform as part of a bigger picture make for a great collection of mesmerizing animations. Industrial pencil sharpener By

Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals Signs Agreement with San and Khoisan

Over the last 14 years, Cape Town-based Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals has been harnessing the power of the Buchu plant, which is indigenous to South Africa’s Western Cape. In a proudly South African move, the company has now signed a benefit-sharing agreement with the San

Artefacts of the RMS Titanic

The famous RMS Titanic now lies on the seabed, slowly disintegrating at a depth of 12,415 feet. It was only when Dr Robert D Ballard discovered the ship in 1985 that we learned that it had been split in two, and that salvaging the