Machines that automate processes have revolutionised the way we produce and consume the things we want and need. Without them, our intense demand for goods and services could never be matched. This post pays tribute to some of the most impressively efficient, slick and powerful machines that manufacture the day-to-day goods that many of us rely on.

HEBO Money Machine

Although its name suggests it makes money, it does so only indirectly. This incredible metal-working machine can twist, scroll, emboss, texture, press and contort metal into any number of incredible shapes. It has such incredible torque that it can easily snap a 1 ½” bar by over-twisting. As precise as it is powerful, it can twist to 1 degree increments.

Paper Cup Making Machine

This machine can pump out anywhere from 100 to 150 paper cups in a minute. It cuts, twists folds and seals the paper, and keeps itself lubricated with an automatic oil lubrication system. It is a customisable machine too, with a standard mould and several other options for making cups of different shapes and volumes.

Laser Cutting Machine

This powerful laser cutting machine was created by Marks Brothers Inc. for use in a range of industries. Nuclear power, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment and mining industries all benefit from the fabrication power of their automated material handling laser cutting machines. The automation afforded by a laser cutter, which not only cuts but grips and turns the workpiece, allows for the fastest possible lead times in CNC-guided machining.

Potato Chip Making Machine

One of the world’s most popular anytime snacks, potato chips are made in incredible volume by this machine, which stores, washes, transport, peels, slices, washes, fries and de-oils each crunchy chip. With an average goods output of around 100kg/hour, it only requires 6 people to operate. It is also available in 50kg/hour, 100kg/hour, 300kg/hour and 500kg/hour models.

Hot Tube Spinning Machine

This is the go-to machine for producing metal cylinders for use as gas cylinders, air-pressure vessels and CNG (compressed natural gas) cylinders. It creates the cylinders in lengths up to 2500 mm, with a maximum wall thickness of 15 mm, at a maximum main spindle speed of 900 rpm.

Filling Machine for Beverages

This efficient and speedy machine can wash, fill and cap bottles at the incredible rate of a minimum of 3000 and maximum 22,000 bottles per hour, depending on the settings chosen by the operator. Various bottle types can be used without having to change any parts, widening the scope of what it can do.

KIA Sportage Factory Production Line

In this slightly sped-up footage, high-tech robots punch, stamp, shape and weld the body parts for the Kia Sportage in a Slovakian factory. Almost unbelievably, a complete car shell is created from scratch every 80 seconds.

LEGO Factory

The building blocks behind the building blocks, this LEGO factory in Denmark embodies the entire manufacturing process for LEGO, from melting down tiny plastic granules into plastic injection-moulds to form millions of tiny heads, bodies and legs. The process creates 1.7 million bricks per hour, making 15 billion a year. What makes this machinery all the more impressive is that it is almost entirely automated, with robots collecting and transporting the bricks once they are completed, and transporting them to an on-site storage facility.

Ammo Loading Machine

Capable of both loading and unloading ammunition cartridges, this machine is aimed to make the operator’s job as easy as possible, with attention paid to safety, convenience and efficiency. The machine completes the entire job of ammunition loading from case check, belling, powder feeding, bullet seating and crimping.

Cigarette Making Machine

Based in Dubai, this Orchid Cigarette Machine can roll, pack, filter and bundle cigarettes.  Depending on the type of tobacco and paper being used, this machine can manufacture cigarettes in the tens-of-thousands per hour.